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Golf, as we know it nowadays, was invented by the Scottish around the 14th and 15th centuries. It became so popular that the parliament of that country passed a law in 1547 that even banned the practice of the game. Something similar happened to soccer in an attempt of the authorities to promote the practice of archery.

It was known then in France and England , where it attracted a great deal of devoted followers in a little period. In the 18 th century the first associations of this attractive sport were created. The first clubs created outside England where the Calcutta Golf Club of East India (1829) and the Royal Bombay Club (1842). In the Americas , the pioneer was the Canada ’s Royal Montreal Golf Club, founded in 1873.

The historians believe that golf was played in the United States during the colonial epoch, but there are not concrete proofs of that hypothesis. The fact is that the St. Andrews Golf Club of Yonkers , in New York , was registered in 1888.

The Asians started to introduce the practice of golf practically after the end of World War II, being Japan the country that spread the practice and qualitative development of the sport in Asia .

Its inclusion in Cuba is dated back to the 1910’s or 20’s. The first demonstrations were made by American amateur players who had settled in Cuba after the American intervention of 1898 and the proclamation of the republic in 1902.

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